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RCL Microwave is proud to announce that we just had a 20-kilowatt solar system installed and we are now producing as much electricity as we use… at work and home!! Our 4-acre property is also a 4-acre carbon sink! We recycle our grass clippings right into the lawn which sinks carbon back into the ground, and we have about 2.5 – 3 acres of trees that sink all the CO2 that we generate! We are net-zero!!! Proud and happy to be reducing our carbon footprint on this world while advancing technology.

10,000 vs 1

Our test methods produce 10,000 data points. Other test methods only produce 1 data point.


Leading the Industry

RCL Microwave leads the industry in broadband dielectric characterization with thin film capability to 20 microns


Your Best Source

For Broadband Dielectric Characterization, Automotive Collision Avoidance Antennas, and Base Station Antennas

With over 20 years in all facets of microwave engineering, we use our extensive experience and proprietary processes and technologies to bring you the most accurate and robust dielectric characterization data, when you need it.

Requirements of high-speed data transmission has led to a rising interest in the gigaHertz region and has prompted research at microwave and millimeterwave frequencies. Always planning for the future and advancing technology, RCL Microwave designed our test fixtures to include testing in the 5G, Internet of Things, Autonomous Vehicle and Automotive Radar technology environments. These technologies cover a wide range of millimeter wave frequencies, which we test for.

Current cell phones and other smart devices operate from 100’s of MHz to 6 GHz. With 5G, the Internet of Things and Autonomous Vehicles on the horizon, RCL Microwave has developed broadband test fixtures and techniques to accommodate and increased demand for bandwidth. This broadband characterization allows a single material to be characterized at a wide range of frequencies (e.g. 1 GHz to 100 GHz) so that it can be used for a wide range of applications.

Custom Antenna Design Services

RCL Microwave offers custom antenna design services for a wide range of applications and we’re your best source for 5G 28 GHz Base Station Antennas, 60 GHz Automotive Avoidance Radar Antennas, and 77 GHz Automotive Avoidance Radar Antennas. We have a full license for Computer Simulation Technology (CST) 3D EM Modeling software.

Our antennas deliver outstanding performance at an affordable price. Gain is available between 10 dBi and 20 dBi and the frequency can be tuned from 10 GHz to 100 GHz with a 10% bandwidth. Our antennas are available with industry standard RF connectors or PCB Mount Flange Connectors.

Our antennas deliver outstanding performance, in a very compact package and we deliver antennas at an industry-leading price. Our antennas are designed for automated manufacturing (labor cost reduction) and are available in small quantities (e.g. 200 or 300 pieces) or large quantities (e.g. 1,000,000 pieces per year). This antenna is designed for producibility, featuring a relatively low-cost design. It can be packaged in Automated PCB Assembly line packaging.


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