60 GHz High Gain Antennas

Excellent Balanced Directivity
Greater than 95% Efficiency
Beamwidth is tunable from 10 Degrees to 50 Degress

Your Best Source for 60 GHz High Gain Antennas

Our antennas deliver outstanding performance at an affordable price. Gain is available between 10 dBi and 20 dBi and the frequency can be tuned from 10 GHz to 100 GHz with a 10% bandwidth. Our antennas are available with industry standard RF connectors or PCB Mount Flange Connectors.

Our antennas deliver outstanding performance, in a very compact package and we deliver antennas at an industry-leading price.

Farfield Directivity

Linear Polarization
Low Sidelobes
Tunable Mainlobe Width

High Gain Antenna Return Loss

Return Loss greater than 15 dB
Extremely small form factor
60 GHz Model Fits inside a 3/4” cube
28 GHz Model Fits inside 1” x 1” x 2”
PCB Mount Connectors
Lower Cost and Very High Quality


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